How to reduce on-the-job injuries

How to minimize or prevent lifting injuries Every year, more than a million employees in the U.S. suffer workplace injuries due to improper lifting. In fact, back-related injuries account for at least 20 percent of injuries in the workplace, and 25 percent of all workers’ compensation claims involve back injuries. How can you help reduce on-the-job […]

How employers can help manage workplace stress

While occasional, light stress can be good, helping us achieve that goal, finish that project and overcome obstacles – too much stress is detrimental to our health, both physical and mental. Learn how you can recognize workplace stress in individual members of your team, and how you can help them overcome much of the anxiety. […]

How to prevent Workers’ Compensation fraud

Due to the prevalence of workers’ compensation fraud across the U.S., organizations are responding with a list of best practices to help fight this epidemic. You can apply many of these same tactics to help fight workers’ comp fraud in your own organization. We’ve compiled information from insurers, HR practitioners, attorneys, claims experts and more. […]

Avoid these top 7 Workers’ Compensation claim mistakes

Workers’ Compensation claims are potentially part of every public entity organization whether you employ workers sitting all day at desks, construction workers, first responders, a fleet of drivers or more. Wherever there are people working, there’s the potential for a work injury – and a risk of accidentally creating one or more Workers’ Compensation claim […]

Termination tips and best practices

People are the backbone of your organization. These termination tips can be part of a one of the most critical steps in organizational practice, which is making a good hire. An individual who fits in well with the culture, who meets or exceeds job expectations, has excellent quality of character, and gets along well with […]

What’s the cost of employee disengagement? [infographic]

A recent Gallup poll shows that nearly three-fourths of U.S. workers are disengaged employees. You’ve no doubt seen the signs of employee disengagement at some time in your organization. A worker barely puts in her eight hours. They don’t volunteer for anything, and generally keep to themselves. He doesn’t seem to want to expend any […]

Staying in compliance: Avoiding common HR mistakes

When was the last time your organization spent conscious time considering Human Resources? HR is a frequently neglected area in many organizations, so we’re providing ways for avoiding common HR mistakes for your review as we look forward to next year. A robust HR system is not a luxury, but a necessity that’s all too […]

Deadly weapons coverage: How to be more prepared for the threat of violence

One of the most difficult threats to defend is the attack of an armed individual or group of individuals who intend on inflicting harm. And, unfortunately, these incidents are part of a growing trend in the U.S. Preferred Governmental Insurance Trust provides Deadly Weapons Protection coverage to its members. Members can access services designed to […]

Tips for effective workplace policies and procedures

When was the last time you reviewed workplace policies and procedures? Even in the best of times, policies and similar documentation are often written off as a “one and done” event. Policies are drafted, approved, published…and oftentimes, forgotten. Substantial changes can happen very rapidly, which can render your current documentation outdated at best, obsolete at […]

5 Ways HR Can Support Employees’ Mental Health

An employee’s mental health includes how they think, feel and act, and includes their emotional and social well-being. While mental health includes mental illness, the two aren’t interchangeable. An employee can go through a period of poor mental health but not necessarily have a clear, diagnosable mental illness. Additionally, an employee’s mental health can change […]